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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yeah, I better put some stuff out there so I don't get burned, right?  So, here are the personal philosophies I employ here at SweetUgly.

My guarantee to you is that when I originally spotted any of the items sold here, my heart went aflutter.  I don't buy crap just to sell it.  I buy it because I fall in love with it a little.  And I think that there's someone out there who can truly pull off its charm and wit.  And maybe I buy it for myself but I buy too much of it and have to part with it.  I guarantee that the items sold here are of the level of quality that I would personally wear or own (and I'm a classy lady).  They may not be perfect (we all have a few dings after a life well-lived) but I will do my best to point out and photograph any flaws.  That said, if you have an immense problem with something you purchased once you see it in person, please contact me at so we can talk about it like rational human beings.

I do my best to depict accurate sizing but we all know that that's a skewed standard in our country as it is.  And, I think sizing standards have greatly changed over time in our society.  So, if a label is still intact, I'll post the sizing info from the label.  If not, I measure the dimensions of the garment and post them along with which general size category they fit in (S, M, L, XL, etc.) using a conversion chart.  SweetUgly is fun for me.  It's a hobby.  I'm not into running around and shipping and returning and shipping and returning.  I'm not a big box catalog.  I'm a sweet girl enjoying connecting people with wonderful things.  If you find that your item does not fit, I suggest you pass it along to a cute friend who it does fit.  Spread the ugly!  I think this philosophy makes for a better sense of humanity for you and for me.  No headaches!

You may find that your item arrives in some sort of dinged-up cardboard box.  When I can, I use boxes that have already been used.  It may have old labels and tape on it, covered up with new labels.  It may be a bit of a hot mess.  But, that's SweetUgly.

I am not into rush delivery stuff.  If you need your item by a certain time in the insanely near future, perhaps do not buy it from SweetUgly.  I will get items to the US Postal Service within two business days and send it via Priority Mail.   

I think SweetUgly's philosophies are about slowing ourselves down, relaxing a little, giving a little leeway and shedding some neuroses.  Good things, right?  I don't want you to be stressed out and I don't want to be all that stressed out either.  Shopping in the US has become such an interesting cultural phenomenon.  We expect what we want, exactly how we want it, where we want it, now.  Not to mention, brand new.  Ugh.  It's so tiring.  When I traveled to Italy, I found it very liberating to drop these expectations.  Many store fronts had closed signs on them at random times of day.  Why?  Because people have lives.  Perhaps the owner was having coffee with an old neighbor, watching her daughter's dance recital, or taking care of her grandfather.  Humanity first, business second.  I'm not lazy or out to get anyone, mind you, and do take SweetUgly very seriously.   

If you have any other questions, please email me at

Saturday, December 5, 2009

SweetUgly - Brand Spanking New Format

Hello and welcome to SweetUgly's online blog. This blog began as your lovable blogista battled with a long-time addiction to hideous relics. I began incorporating photos of said relics in my personal blog for fun. Then, basically, people "egged me on" and I would go out and find more hideous relics to blog about and add to my collection. Well, it's been fun folks, but now I'd like to sell these items so that the fun never ever has to end. And, so I can share the beauty of ugly things with others.

How to use this blog...

First, you can simply use this blog for entertainment. Check in for my descriptions, photographs and historical tellings of these pieces.

More excitingly, you can use this blog to find wonderful items for you and your home and purchase them at great prices.  And bonus - - All fashion on SweetUgly is rebirthed, meaning recycled, so you can pat yourself on the back for supporting sustainability in these crazy times. 

You can subscribe to this blog and get updates on new items as they're posted AND, if you're looking for something more specific, you can browse by labels in the column to the right.

Google Checkout helps make the transaction as smooth as butta and viola! Ugly at your doorstep.

Please enjoy this blog, spread its love around to others and contact me at with any questions.

In Ugliness,

PS - I better get going on adding some content but here's a sneak preview of what's to come.

His name is Eugene Von Hammertoe. I'm unsure of Eugene's exact history but given the shine he still gives off, I'm thinking he sat in the closet of an elderly man after ol' wifey was thoughtful enough to pick up Eugene at the local drug store for an upcoming winter in AZ. But alas, Eugene was left home until the couple passed away and their grandchildren boxed Eugene up with his other closet pals and shipped them off to the local thrift store. EUGENE LIVES ON!!!  Fate then brought Eugene and I together.  Eugene very much enjoyed the photo shoot and looks forward to snuggling up to your feet very soon. 

In an official post, I'd also include sizing information, photos from multiple angles, notes about any wear or tear and a link to purchase.  Very exciting stuff to come.